It Doesn’t Really Matter…Does It?

For the longest time, I tried to figure out what to write about for the first post on this blog. Should it be impactful, whimsical, profound? Then I realized…it doesn’t really matter.

“How will this affect you in 10 years?”

When I was a young kid and grappling with some problem that seemed monumental at the time, my father said to me, “Ask yourself, how will this affect you in 10 years? If the answer is it won’t, then stop worrying about it.” As with most good advice, at the time it didn’t sink in. Over time I realized that asking this simple question can prevent a lot of mental anguish and time wasted fretting about unimportant things.

Stop and think about the last few things you lost sleep over or even the last couple of things you and your spouse argued about. For most, these are things that will be forgotten even just a few weeks down the road. Maybe you’ve forgotten already.

It is important to maintain proper perspective. You only need to walk through a hospital’s corridors for a short time to see people who have very serious things to worry about. Life altering events are abundant inside those walls. Most delimmas that arise in our routine daily lives are inconsequential in comparison to the struggles of many of these patients. Keep this perspective while pondering your daily concerns. Focus on the issue at hand, address the concern and move on because it probably won’t affect you in ten years.

“A day of worry is more exhausting than a week of work.”

John Lubbock

Take things in stride. Give things the attention they deserve. But, don’t dwell or anguish over events or decisions that will have little impact in the long term.

There you have it. The first post in this blog. Was all of the concern over the first post content worth it? Check back in 10 years.

Cheers – Doc W

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